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Better and more efficient milking

The AKTIVPULS concept is based on a technology supported by 32 unique patents. The categories below provide a short description of some of the most important details that make AKTIVPULS so unique the world over and are at the basis of the global success. 


For optimum teat connection and minimum air suction. Especially developed for optimal milking of heifers that have recently calved. The lining adapts as "the pulsation" disappears during the milking process and lactation stage. It has been developed to maximise an individualised milking process for each animal during the entire lactation process, bearing in mind that teat size and teat diameter differ during the lactation process of each individual cow.



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Head ventilation causes the teats to dry out during milking and avoids re-spray caused by milk flowing back from the claw to the liner due to the instability of the claw vacuum.

AKTIVPULS is the unique patent holder of the silicone conical self-cleaning ventilation valve. No time wasting or vacuum interference anymore due to clogged valves. Efficient milking in other words.





One of the “strongest” patents on the AKTIVPULS liner are the 7 massage zones. This means the liner gives the right massage for each specific teat length. This is the first “teat length independent” liner on the market. Heifers and cows are much calmer on the platform during milking. The better massage is responsible for the higher milking speeds recorded with AKTIVPULS compared to other liners. The taboo of "a slower milking process with silicone" is thus broken by AKTIVPULS. Not only do silicone liners improve the milking process, they also make it more efficient. Result: optimum teat condition – quick - complete and stress-free milking.


According to industry experts, this is the biggest innovation in the dairy technology sector over the last 20 years. The base of the liner comprises a 45° degree angle which shuts during the resting phase. This is possible because one side of the liner is thicker than the other. Closing the base ensures the claw vacuum (+/- 40 Kpa) of the teat end is closed during the resting phase. At the same time, the air transport channel, integrated in the back of the liner, allows air to pass along the teat under the teat end resulting in the vacuum under the teat to be reduced to +/- 20 Kpa during the resting phase. Cows milked using AKTIVPULS technology are therefore subjected up to 50% less load on the teat end during the pulsation resting phase. This principle is revolutionary and also explains why AKTIVPULS can eradicate hyperkeratosis in your cattle.


AKTIVPULS works with a complete silicone liner. The reason for this is the higher flexibility, higher sustainability and softer character of the teat than rubber. Our liner guarantees up to 8000 milkings. It is available in 5 sizes: S (19mm) – M (21 mm) – L Pro (22 mm) -- L (23 mm) – XL (25mm).

You can also opt for a “milk monitoring glass” between the liner and a short milk tube on the claw. This option allows you to check the milk flow per individual udder quarter at a glance. The milk flow monitoring glass is unbreakable and exceptionally strong. AKTIVPULS users cannot do without the milk monitoring glass anymore!


The AKTIVPULS claw piece, with 350 cc content, is unparalleled worldwide in terms of capacity, quality and sustainability and is very comfortable to hold. Thanks to the internal milk flow separation, AKTIVPULS creates a claw milk flow capacity of as much as 14 litres per minute (Re. Research Institut d’élevage France, 2017).                                                                                         The claw separation also prevents mastitis cross-infection between both sides of the udder. The claw separation in combination with head ventilation and the 45 degree angle in the liner are the ultimate protection for re-spray and mastitis cross-infections in the udder. Plenty of thought went into this claw concept!


Do you want for more information about our AKTIVPULS product ? Don't hesitate to contact ACS (Filip Jamart) on our contact page.

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