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AKTIVPULS is a liner concept which sector specialists consider to be one of the most innovative improvements in the milking technology sector of the last decades. Over the last 24 months, the AKTIVPULS concept received numerous innovation awards for its great results in the field which contribute to maximum udder health and milking parlour efficiency. 

The AKTIVPULS milking concept is based on 32 patents developed according to the principle of "eye for detail and passion for perfection" in the milking process. Detailed information is available on the following pages of this site: WHAT is AKTIVPULS ?  HOW does AKTIVPULS work?  WHY should I use AKTIVPULS?


The AKTIVPULS liner is revolutionary because teat trauma and teat stress are avoided during the milking process. The unique patented vacuum relief ensures that the vacuum under the teat drops much lower than in classic liners during the resting phase (D-phase), which means ultimately the vacuum load on the teats is reduced (referred to as teat trauma). This effect is achieved in part because the AKTIVPULS liner is provided with 7 individual massage zones. Each teat length is massaged correctly and in the right place during the resting phase to ensure maximum teat blood flow. In short, it is a gentler way of milking thanks to the use of dynamic teat vacuum. A superior udder health is achieved by reducing teat stress and teat trauma. The result is calmer cows on the milking parlour platform or in the robot which are stimulated more during the milking process resulting in better milked udder quarters whereby hyperkeratosis is removed/prevented. This is how we achieve our ultimate AKTIVPULS goal: maximum udder health in combination with maximum milking parlour efficiency which is all about animal-friendly milking.



" Milks fine and cows milked tremendously well. Hyperkeratosis is gone now. It's just better."

Kees Van Den Berg, Beverst-Bilzen, Begia (200+ Holsteins)


" We milk wonderfully pleasantly and calmly with AKTIVPULS. The teat condition is excellent and we have absolutely no problems with white edges on the teats anymore. We are very satisfied."

Dominiek and Peter Smeets, Grote Brogel, Belgium (200+ Holsteins)


"We changed to AKTIVPULS milk claws 25 months ago and during this period we have seen the Hyperkeratosis in our herd decrease by more than 70%. The teats close much faster after milking and our monthly mastitis rate dropped to 0.5%. Previously we had an average monthly score of 2 to 3 %. The result is that our medication and veterinarian costs have dropped seriously and we are relieved of the "mastitis stress" and "mastitis labor". Our "cluster on" time has seriously dropped and production is now optimal. The cows no longer "dance" and the fresh heifers are much calmer during milking. We are tremendously satisfied with AKTIVPULS."


Jacques and Bernice Monbailieu, Zuidschote, Belgium (110+ Holsteins)


"We switched to AKTIVPULS and see that our cows milk better empty. The cows come back to the milking parlor wanting to milk".

Family Vandewalle-Deraedt, Boezinge, Belgium (200+ Holsteins)


"We have been milking with AKTIVPULS on our 5 milking robots for quite some time now and are very satisfied. We saw a significant increase in milking speed and especially noticeable after switching was that the cows milked better empty. The 8000 milkings give us an enormous labor saving on changing the liners. What also appeals to us is that the AKTIVPULS liners are delivered "ready to use". TOP satisfaction! ".

Familie Vleugels, Meerhout, Belgium (450+ Holsteins)


" Since we switched to AKTIVPULS we see that our cows are milked much better empty and we have calm cows in the milking parlor. Our liners are easily reaching 8000 milkings. Our "cluster on" time has dropped below 5 minutes. Service is tremendously good."

Karel and Stef Schroyen, Maaseik, Belgium (140+ Holsteins)


Netherlands : " We milk 3 times a day and started using the AKTIVPULS milking claw in November 2019. Since switching to AKTIVPULS, the teat condition of our cows has improved tremendously. The "cluster on" time has decreased by more than 1 minute and the milking process is smoother than ever. For us, the results with AKTIVPULS are simply "extraordinary". We are extremely satisfied with AKTIVPULS."

Dirk and Sjaak Stuij, Ottoland, Netherlands (175+ Holsteins)


"We have been using AKTIVPULS on all our milking robots for some time now and it goes great ! The attachment goes so much better and especially the good empty milking has convinced us. We change the liners 4 times less and after 6 months of use we see a drop in our tank cell count. We will continue with AKTIVPULS."

Family Maes-Clerinx, Horpmaal, Belgium (200+ Holsteins)


"Smooth and super good milking. Simple and better!"

Bart and Sandra Vanaken-Smit, Bree, Belgium (160+ Holsteins)


"The AKTIVPULS concept has brought an enormous amount of peace back into the barn with us. Cows are so much calmer and no longer "dance" during milking. The teat condition is simply exceptionally good. Also in the heifers we see much less stress at the first milkings than before and we see that the milk pours in much faster." AKTIVPULS is a great product."

Family Vereecke, Sleidinge, Belgium (240+ Holsteins)


Still have questions about the innovative AKTIVPULS milking technology? Please contact ACS (Filip Jamart)

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